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About Pawland

By Nigel Womack

The Pawland Story

Pawland is the brightest, most colourful, magical place ever.
Where ice can be hot and steam can be cold,
where a waterfall can flow up and a mountain grows down.
A fish can live in a house, up a tree,
where its inhabitants might walk whilst standing,
read a blank piece of paper or swim with the clouds in the air. Where anything can happen! And it does.
There are no impossibilities in Pawland as Earthly rules don’t apply.
A dream? Hmmm… who knows?
But then again, some dreams do sometimes come true.
Fortunately, we don’t have to dream to experience Pawland.
Through the magic of storytelling: brace yourself for the
Wonderful World of Pawland and all who live there.

Peoples book prize finalist

The Angry Giant

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Pawland Stories
Illustrations: Ursula Hurst