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our events

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We'd love to meet everyone who enjoys the pawland stories.
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Our Previous Events

We have always loved meeting everyone, so why not know what happened? Learn where we were and what we did for the past few months.


WHSmith Blackburn

It was time, The Angry Giant release date had arrived. Nigel and Ursula were so happy to showcase their first book to the public.

The team were met to lines outside of WHSmith blackburn, people were so eager to read The Angry Giant

Nigel and ursula enjoyed signing books to all their new fans. The book signing was a complete success


Waterstones Preston

After the amazing success from their first book, The Angry Giant. It was time for Nigel and Ursula to show the fans their second book, Bea

Yet again it was great to see so many fans travel across towns to come and see the team and grab a special signed Bea Book.

Hours were spent meeting the fans and finding out how excited you were for the second instalment in the pawland world.


Tiggis Ribble Valley

A Huge change of scenery came when Nigel and Ursula went to the popular Italian restaurant Tiggis.

The team were having fun listening to their travelling fans about how much they have loved their book and would love to have it signed.

Nigel and Ursula also met new fans who picked up the new Bea book so they could enjoy it that night.
Pawland Stories
Illustrations: Ursula Hurst